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Executive coaching

Executive coaching is an outcomes-focused approach to personal development for high-potential leaders. It is a thinking partnership aimed at generating new insights and building on strengths to tap new performance levels and add value for the business and individual. It can be both supportive and challenging, and requires trust, confidentiality and hard work to produce the best results. Typical scenarios which benefit from coaching are transitioning to a new role, working with new team members or customers, improving stakeholder relationships, or resolving perceived “blocks” to advancement and personal fulfilment.

Rhys Johnstone is a qualified Professional Business Coach (GIBS PBCP) with a unique combination of extensive management experience (15 years in senior management roles), a top Executive MBA (GIBS, 2018) and experience as a mindfulness trainer. Rhys has led large teams at technology and media firms for the last 15 years, reporting to the CEO or divisional head in large multinational enterprises. Rhys is currently researching the intersection between mindfulness and decision-making by leaders and entrepreneurs for his doctorate and is uniquely placed to assist leaders with personal growth and development that is relevant to business outcomes.

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