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Mindfulness Programmes

Why mindfulness?

Three of the greatest challenges facing leaders today are resilience, managing complexity, and the ability to work collaboratively with others. Mindfulness has been found to assist with the development of these abilities, and to be associated with increased wellbeing and performance in the workplace.

Mindfulness is a state of awareness characterised by present-moment attention and a nonjudgmental attitude. Mindfulness is a natural state of the human mind which can be attained without any special training, however it can be strengthened through training and the effects persist after the training. Mindfulness training can create physical changes in the brain, influencing emotions, thoughts and behaviour.

Studies show that mindfulness meditators make better decisions, are happier and more resilient, have better relationships, are more ethical, sleep better, are less prone to some chronic illnesses, maintain their cognitive abilities better as they age, and are less likely to revert to harmful coping mechanisms such as drinking excessively.

Service offerings

These services are designed to provide an overview of the latest research into the relationship between mindfulness and desired organisational outcomes, including the neurological underpinnings of mindfulness and an introduction to up-to-date practical methods to implement mindfulness practices for leaders and their teams.

Mindful Leader Masterclass: In this four-hour online Masterclass, you will learn what Mindfulness means in the context of leadership; experience Mindfulness training for yourself; and find out how you and your team can implement changes and experience benefits now. Book Now

Mindfulness-Based Training for Remote teams: In this unprecedented time of uncertainty, many teams have had to adapt rapidly to working remotely. This course is designed to help teams build trust, safety and resilience, using tried and test mindfulness techniques. Book Now

We also offer other training formats, for example:

  • Individual Introduction to mindfulness for founder/CEO/leader. (90 minutes). 

  • Introduction to mindfulness talk/workshop for exec teams. The workshop includes information sharing, experiential practice and exploratory dialogue. (2-4 hours)​

  • Mindfulness-based relaxation classes for senior teams. (weekly 1-hour class)

  • Mindfulness-Based Programme for senior teams. A deep dive into mindfulness theory and practice, designed to help participants embed mindfulness into their daily lives at work and home, in order to improve performance, relationships and wellbeing. (8-week programme. 2 hours per week + daily home practice + 1 full day offsite.)

We would be happy to discuss your unique mindfulness training requirements. Please reach out by email or on LinkedIn.

Mindfulness Programmes: Services
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